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Astra Shot Trainer*

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The Shot Trainer is a technique training device that teaches you how to release the bowstring while maintaining shot strength and direction. The sleeve slides over your shooting arm while the adjustment strap is looped and attached to the bowstring. Once attached, releasing the bowstring transfers the force of the bow to your drawing arm elbow, forcing you to maintain strength and direction without interruption.

The Shot Trainer is extremely effective in curing target panic, clicker panic, and general shot anxieties. It does so by rewiring the electrical impulses your brain of what your brain thinks a strong shot is. First timers with the Shot Trainer are known to have strong and emotional reactions. With enough practice, you can make shots with and without the Shot Trainer feel nearly identical!

Proper sizing and fit is necessary to achieve results and ensure product integrity. The general rule of thumb is to provide yourself with ~2.5cm of a gap between your release fingers and the bowstring (see video below for more details). Most archers set the Shot Trainer too long when they first start using it. It is better to be too short, than too long. You want to set it short as you can make it and still execute your shot without impairment.

When you're done shooting an end, the easy to use snap clip detaches you from your bow so you can retrieve arrows or walk around.

Sizing and Fit

Measure the circumference of your drawing arm at its widest point
Some people have bigger forearms than biceps – measure the widest point
Most archers are size 1 – it is supposed to be a snug fit.

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