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W&W Archery - HMC 22- Stabilisers

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W&W Archery - HMC 22- Stabilisers

The stabilizer HMC 22 is the new upgraded stabilizing system, consisting of Extenders and Stabilizers. The stabilizers have improved strength and stiffness by using high tensile strength carbon and 3K carbon fabric surface coating which increases durability. Compatible for compound and recurve archers and it features better and quicker shock absorbing and improved dampening and control. The HMC 22 series feature a unique design; it has a thickness of 0.7mm at the front of the rod and  2 mm at the base. The outer size has a 22mm diameter which is more effective in absorbing shocks during shooting.

The HMC 22 stabilizer is available in:

  • Short rod: 10” / 11” / 12”
  • Long rod: 26” / 28” / 30” / 32” / 34”

The HMC 22 extender is available in:

  • 3” / 4” / 5” / 6”

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