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Recurve Bow Beginners Package 4*

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  • Model: Recurve Bow Beginners Package 4*

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Tags: Recurve Bow Beginners Package 4* High-end Beginner Package - Aimed at Intermediate to Advanced Recurve Kits. Includes Backpack for package storage. Winners Wiawis Motive FX Riser*, Winners Wiawis Elnath FX Riser* or HOYT Recurve Grand Prix Horizon Riser IN STOCK* depending on color / availability Winners Wiawis Explore W1 Limbs* Scout Bowstrings Recurve String Only* Easton Apollo Arrow Easton Made 12* or Easton Avance Sport Complete Arrow 12* Legend Archery Field Quiver XT420* or Legend Archery Target Quiver XT320* Krossen Scorpion Sight* SHIBUYA DX Plunger Button* Easton Deluxe Bone Arm Guard* or Easton Deluxe Oval Arm Guard* W&W Finger Tab 360 Cordovan* or Winners Finger Tab SF-200 Cordovan* Tied on Nocking Points Cartel Bow Stand RX105* Cartel Bow Square* Cartel Stabiliser Dynamic Gold Long* Legend Archery Bow Stringer* Easton Diamond Chest Guard* SHIBUYA Recurve Ultima Rest* Legend Archery Backpack XT720* **Please note that this does not include any set up besides install the nocking points onto the string - Required Labor will need to be charged out at $100 per hour**