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James Park Archery Technology*

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James Park Archery Technology*

James Park -  Archery Technology *

This is James Park's book that covers what equipment to shoot and WHY.

Lots of people have opinions on this, Dr James Park has a PHD!!!!

James has certainly been a mentor to myself and instrumental in multiple World and National Medals.

This is a MUST READ



I am an mechanical engineer in Germany, now retired. Since 1980 I am interested in the background of the technology to fight against myths and tales in archery equipment especially recurve. I am very happy about this very, very good book.
In 1985 I developted a mathematical Model to compute the tuning of bow and arrow and I am glad to see that the most of this simple Model:
are now quite good verified by the excellent work of Dr. James L Park.
I am proud to get an exemplar with a personal dedication of Dr. L Park.
Chr. Nentwig

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