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Easton Carbon One Shaft 12*

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  • Model: Easton Carbon One Shaft 12*

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Easton Carbon One Shaft 12*


Carbon One sets the mark for parallel, all-carbon shaft precision.

  • High-strength carbon fibers
  • Micro-smooth finish
  • Straightness: ± .003″
  • Weight tolerance: ± 1 grain
  • Components—sold separately
  • Also uses A/C/E components
  • Parallel design

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I have only shot with these arrow sharfts, and from 10-55 metres there is no need to pay the extra money for the ACE's or X10's. These arrows are fantastically priced, and I would recommend these as the first set of arrow sharfts to purcashe when looking at getting your initial bow. You can't go wrong, and the price is just so much more reasonable than what you fork out on X10's and let's face it, when you start with your bow as a beginner you're not going to go out and try reaching 60m and beyond.

When getting beyond 55m then the barrelled sharfts of the ACE's and the X10's come into play. But hey, I am competitive with other recurvers that use arrows nearly double the price of these. You'd be stupid to go for anything else!


I shooting a compound set at 57.5# and these shafts are fantastic - was looking at going to carbon/aluminium but glad I gave these a go. Exceptional value for money. Have only shot out to 50m so far but grouping is excellent.


Best bang for your buck, these are a great arrow and I believe would out preform many more expensive shafts, My son shoots them and they are bullet proof,.
EASTON you have really done it this time! The value for money is unbelievable

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