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Chronotir 2 Digital Timing System Club 2*

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  • Model: Chronotir 2 Digital Timing System Club 2*

Chronotir 2 Digital Timing System Club 2*


Designed for archery, this product allows you to manage training sessions and competitions. It complies with the FFTA and World Archery rules. CHRONOTIR is very easy and fast to install (it only takes about 5 minutes). Easily transportable, it requires very little space and can be mounted on a tripod.

– Secure wireless connection
– Reading distance up to 100m
– Display of AB-CD rotations, times and light signals
– Designed and manufactured in our workshops in France (Aquitaine region)
– Simple installation by mounting on a tripod
– Indoor & outdoor use
– Brightness adjustment
– Display of battery level
– Remote control with a range of 100m
– Rechargeable remote control

• 2 displays
• 2 tripods
• 1 remote
• 2 chargers

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