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  • Cartel Midas Compound Sight*

Cartel Midas Compound Sight*

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  • Model: Cartel Midas Compound Sight*

Cartel Midas Compound Sight*

Cartel Midas Compound Sight


The Cartel Midas carbon model is a light sight with a 6" extension arm that attaches to an long sight bar. This sight has a micro adjustable windage and distance system. Comes with a 10/32 sight pin and is available in black. This is a good sight at a modest price.

1) Features

   With lightweight construction, Midas Carbon Sight is a top end sight at a moderate price.

   Micro adjustment features for both horizontal & vertical movement and 10 clicks per

   full revolution for horizontal movements. 

   Major vertical adjustments are made quickly with quick release lever. 

   Sight block has quick release feature and extra blocks are also sold separately.


2) Specification



Frame: Aluminum / Extension: Carbon

Vertical frame

5.5 inch


6 inch

Sight pin thread

10-32 or 8-32




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