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Easton Superdrive 23 Shaft 12*

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  • Model: Easton Superdrive 23 Shaft 12*

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Easton Superdrive 23 Shaft 12


  • High-performance, light-mass, high-strength all-carbon shaft using proven Superdrive construction.
  • World Archery Maximum Compliant Diameter.
  • Three spines suitable for most compound and some recurve setups.
  • Suitable for indoor and 3D competition
  • NEW: Adjustable stainless steel point system, offering 90-200 grains adjustment with interchangeable weight modules. Available February 2017
  • Also Available: Competition Archery Products Pro Point Nockbuster Point in 100 and 125 grains for ultimate performance. (CAP Pro Points available directly from Easton)

• Available Easton 1-piece bullet points in 100 and 125 gr (available February 2017)


• Equipped with UNI or Super UNI bushings (included)

• Shafts and CAP Pro Points Available January 2017

• Packaging: 12 pack


Size Shaft Weight [email protected]" Span Minimum Stock Length SuperNock Microlite Super Nock Super UNI Bushing G Nock G UNI Bushing Adjustable Point System  
  GPI Deflection in Inches Inches Grains Grains Grains Grains Grains Grains  
325 7.43 0.325 33.25 13 8 16 7 18 90-200  

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