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Tru Ball HBX

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Tru Ball HBX Honey Badger Release 

Reo Wilde 



Reo Wilde knew what he wanted when he asked T.R.U. Ball release head engineer Marc Rentz to design him a back tension release that breaks or hinges the handle between the index and middle finger to activate the release. The result is very technologically advanced release! Reo set a match play world record with a perfect score of 150-12x’s in the HBX’s debut in official competition in Shanghai, China.

Key features:

  • Five different ways to activate:

  • Steadily increasing pressure
  • Transfer tension method
  • Tension only method
  • Thumb activation method
  • Ring finger trigger method
  • Single micro-adjustment travel screw (½ turn equals about 0.006 of movement)
  • Option of click or no click all in the same release, adjusted by simple turns of the travel adjustment screw
  • Anti-fire design (release cannot fire when the head is in the closed position)
  • Decreases the likelihood of freezing up, fires when pressure is increased
  • Spring changes can be made for different speeds of activation
  • New machined grip pattern
  • Same handle and length to bail configuration as the HBC
  • Increased tapered ergonomic handle
  • Return bail spring
  • New satin finish
  • Multi-position thumb barrel (2 sizes included)
  • Warning: The release will fire if pressure is applied to the second and third finger while drawing the bow

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