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STAN - Just X

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STAN - Just X Release Aid

The all new JustX release aid was designed for those archers looking to squeeze every last ounce of speed out of their setup. The new, compact searing mechanism accommodates a shorter neck and allows a complete range of handle sizes that cover small, medium, large, and extra-large hands. Perhaps the coolest new feature is that the trigger travel and tension adjustments are completely independent from one another. Adjust one without affecting the other at all! And it offers an ultra-wide range of trigger tension adjustments without changing any springs!

Like the MOREXTM family of release aids, the Just X employs STAN's revolutionary Trainer LockTM training system to allow easy and safe practice settings allowing the user to gain experience and confidence, all without firing a shot. Just as all of STAN's models do, the justXTMis crafted using the company's proprietary ErgoFitTM and MPT2 knob technologies for a melt in your hand comfort offered only by STAN.


Tried a 3 finger version & fell in love with this release aid.
Imagined that the shorter neck would be a negative, but pleasantly surprised to discover that for me , is a genuine positive.
Melts in the hand, versatile trigger comfort options, obvious high quality sear & overall engineering.


This is my 3rd Stan and all I can say that this one is the best by far for me , if you have a short draw this will fit like no other , but will fire so crisp you wont even know its gone off , if you want tight groups get one!!

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