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HOYT - Gold Medalist Extreme GMX Riser

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  • Model: HOYT - GMX Riser

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HOYT - Gold Medalist Extreme GMX Riser

Hoyt invented the takedown system used by virtually all other makers
today. Still the best and original, Hoyt’s Grand Prix system provides durability
and dead-on alignment each and every time. That’s why for 30
years now, our brilliant Grand Prix alignment dovetail systems have
been accepted- and copied- across the world.
modern classic, with original Hoyt geometry harkening back
to the bow that defined the modern takedown recurve 30 years
ago, the original Hoyt Gold Medalist. GMX packs world and
Olympic winning proven performance with the best fit, finish and
straightness in the industry. The Gold Standard.

Brilliant riser. Still leading edge technology and still fiercely competitive. Limbs sit in the riser not atop of it. Solid construction. Good weight. Bit heavier than other, risers on the market but I like weight in things so this is the riser for me.


The bow is great but the grip is a little to deep for my liking and the weight is a little weird but overall great.

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