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HOYT - Formula HPX Riser

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The pundits like to say that “nothing succeeds like success” (pundits like to
be obvious). With nothing but success right from the start more than four
years ago, Hoyt’s Formula series is the most-winning new bow design in
modern history. From World titles to Olympic Gold, Formula bows have
set World, American, European, and Korean records time and time
again. The Formula for Success is back and ready for the future. Are
you ready? The future is now. Come join us for the journey.
FORMULA ION-X™ Surgeon, meet scalpel. The
ultra-precise, advanced geometry ION-X continues to prove its
technical superiority with a new Korean National record and
World Cup Grand Final Gold, Olympic Champion OH Jin Hyek,
and a growing list of victories and records for countless shooters
across the globe. Sleek TEC design, lightweight, in two lengths
for a custom fit, and full compatibility with all Hoyt Formula
limbs including the stunning new Quattro Series limbs.
FORMULA HPX™ Out of the bow box and directly onto
the top step in London, HPX has more than proven its advanced
geometry is as forgiving as it is fast, crisp and laser-accurate. The
history-making HPX is available in two winning lengths and features
Dynamic Flex Control technology and patent-pending pro Series
Limb bolts with all of the other proven technologies and features
that make Hoyt risers sought after the world over.
FORMULA RX™ The bow that started the Formula Revolution.
Traditional Hoyt geometry merges with cutting-edge Formula
precision and forgiveness for a sweet-shooting, razor-sharp
handling bow with all of the features you expect from a premiere
Hoyt recurve.
Formula system in easy reach of every shooter, Excel Pro features a
machined aluminum, ultra-precise riser with all the features- Pro Series
limb bolt, custom wood grip, adjustable clicker plate and high-polish
anodized finish. The machined aluminum Excel features a high-quality
painted finish and standard Formula hardware. Both models come standard
with a reliable and simple alignment system.
Formula Series Limb Damping
Bushing allows the use of accessories
like the FUSE Limb Blade
(shown here) or even a simple Doinker
® suppression mount – to absorb
vibration before it gets to the riser. This
Hoyt patent pending feature is exclusive
to the Formula Series.

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