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HOYT - Formula Excel Pro Riser 25

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  • Model: Formula Excel Pro 25

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HOYT - Formula Excel Pro Riser 25

Putting the
Formula system in easy reach of every shooter, Excel Pro features a
machined aluminum, ultra-precise riser with all the features- Pro Series
limb bolt, custom wood grip, adjustable clicker plate and high-polish
anodized finish. The machined aluminum Excel features a high-quality
painted finish and standard Formula hardware. Both models come standard
with a reliable and simple alignment system.
Formula Series Limb Damping
Bushing allows the use of accessories
like the FUSE Limb Blade
(shown here) or even a simple Doinker
® suppression mount – to absorb
vibration before it gets to the riser. This
Hoyt patent pending feature is exclusive
to the Formula Series.

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