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HOYT - Formula and Grand Prix Carbon Quattro Limbs

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HOYT - Formula & Grand Prix Carbon Quattro Limbs

QUATTRO™ SERIES LIMBS Never before has Hoyt unleashed a competition recurve limb
like the all-new Carbon Quattro. Engineered with new, high-performance, triaxial all-carbon power
elements developed by our Engineers, and a strategically optimized layup for dimensional stability
and top-level efficiency, the Carbon Quattro is 40% more torsionally stable than any Hoyt recurve limb
ever built. Along with the increased stability comes increased speed - and a lot of it. An enhanced
force draw curve for an improved feel through the clicker and an ultra-fast damping and low vibration
design rounds out the premier features that make this the most advanced recurve limb in our history.
(Carbon Quattro available in both Formula and Grand Prix configurations)
NEW FOR 2014: EXTRA SHORT LIMB OPTIONS At Hoyt we are always striving to
ensure that shooters can get the best possible fit from our bows. That’s why we are introducing an extra-
short limb option on all limb models for 2014. On a 25” riser, an extra-short limb yields a 64” bow
length, suitable for shooters between 21 and 26 inches in draw length. With a 27” riser, the resulting
66” bow provides more speed and a very snappy shot reaction for shooters looking for maximum performance
at up to 27 inches draw. Extra short limbs are a great option for shorter draw shooters.

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