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FUSE Carbon Blade Long

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  • Model: FUSE Carb Blade Lng

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Carbon Blade Long Rod

Purchased these stabalises and they work a treat in heavy winds. Have used round stabalisers too and you can notice the difference. These cut through the wind and create a lot less movement when the wind picks up. And with the recurve there is no worse feeling then the wind picking up as you're about to move through the clicker and having to let down again. You can get away with it a lot better with these stabiliser bars. Probably more beneficial to the recurver than to the compound archer.


Am using Fuse Long Rod and Side Bars on my CRX32. Besides looking good, these stabilizers definatately have helped me shooting in windy conditions. I have found it has minimized the amount the bow moves and is easier to control in cross wind conditions.
Rather than being pushed from blue to blue on the Target I am only being pushed from the seven eight line. Shot in almost wind tunnel conditions I have been able to maintain scores of a reasonable level.

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