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Excalibur Diablo Carbon Bolts 6*

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  • Model: Excalibur Diablo Carbon Bolts 6*

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Diablo 18" Carbon Arrow 6pk*

Diablo arrows, made specifically for the MATRIX series crossbows. Excalibur developed the new Diablo carbon arrows, specifically designed for use in Excalibur’s MATRIX Series Crossbows. The Diablo carbon arrows are 18 inch long and feature 2 inch vanes and they are spined for the blistering speeds you get with Excalibur’s MATRIX crossbows. A heavier front insert increases front-of-center weight for unparalleled accuracy. Arrows weighs 250 grains

Diablo arrows also feature a flatback insert which means no need for nocks which gives you much more reliable contact with the string.

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