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Easton Youth Recurve Bow Arch Kit Blk arrows Clam

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  • Model: Easton Youth Recurve Bow Arch Kit Blk arrows Clam

Easton Youth Recurve Bow Arch Kit Blk arrows Clam

The Easton beginner bow is the perfect set up to get you started shooting archery. Easton has been building archery equipment since 1922, and that experience is built into a high quality recurve bow for long-lasting fun. The bow features a lightweight, slim, polymer technology riser and durable glass-reinforced limbs. At only 1.3 lbs., the Easton recurve is easy to handle and the ideal starter set up for any aspiring archer. With a smooth shooting polymer platform and easy-to-handle draw length-to-draw-weight ratio, the 52” bow is ideal for beginners seeking correct form development and accuracy.

• Ambidextrous design for either right or left-handed archers
• Integrated sight channel
• Custom Dacron string
• Ambidextrous arrow rest and sight pin included
• High-strength glass/polymer limbs and advanced polymer riser
• Ideal beginner draw weight range 10-20 pounds
• Max 26” draw
• Available in bow only and kit configurations
• Made in USA
• Includes: bow, quiver, three arrows, sight, finger protector, and armguard

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