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DANAGE Archery Target SOFT CORE*

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Danage of Scandinavia.

Targets in AUSTRALIA

The World Best target full stop!.

The latest target technology, this is the BEST core on the market in my Opinion.

Get in quick to PRE ORDER First shipment due 14th Jan 2012

What did Liam Grimwood have to say :

Liam Grimwood: This core I believe would also be of great use to those of us that don’t have enormous amounts of practice time in our lives. I know from experience that when working full time or during school it could be difficult to get to the practice field and train every day, so blank target shooting or very close range shooting in the home, garden or garage is necessary in order to keep practice levels up. Often at very short range it can be extremely difficult to find a target which will stop your arrows well and not be too difficult to pull out of. Once again this new Soft-Stop Core is ideal. Shooting either small diameter carbons or large diameter aluminium’s I found the arrows stopped well and where easy to pull out at point blank range.
Having tested the new Sort-Stop Core for approx. 12 month: - so almost a year on from when I first received the new core I believe I have now shot around 30,000 arrows into it and it is still stopping the arrows.

*** Please be aware there is no minimum number of arrows you will get on these, it depends and poundage of bow, arrows used an many conditions ***

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