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Carter Anti Freeze

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Carter Anti Freeze

There are six trigger accessories that are now available from Carter Enterprises. The tried and true Adjusto-Trigger and the original Friction Enhancer have long been available for Carter releases.
The Thumb Shoe is approximately one inch long, while the Palm shoe is approximately 1 3/4 inches long. These can be used individually, or in conjunction with one of the other trigger accessories. Introducing two new trigger accessories from Carter Enterprises, Inc., the new Antifreeze and Main Squeeze.
The Anti Freeze attaches to most of our standard thumb trigger models while the Main Squeeze attaches to the new whisper series. Both accessories  provide an allowance of movement before firing the release. Simple draw and anchor then smoothly push into the accessory without fear  of an unexpected shot; thus no reason to be tentative. The smooth  cycle the accessories provide help result in an unanticipated shot. All of these accessories are machined aluminum with steel mounting screws.
Please note: The thumb and palm shoes work on MOST thumb trigger models, but not on the Chocolate Addiction series.


NOTE : Picture shows an Evolution Release, this is NOT included in the Price of the Anti Freeze.

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