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HOYT Grand Prix Horizon Pro Riser IN STOCK*

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  • Model: HOYT Grand Prix Horizon Pro Riser IN STOCK*

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HOYT -  Grand Prix Horizon Pro Riser

Hoyt invented the takedown system used by virtually all other makers
today. Still the best and original, Hoyt’s Grand Prix system provides durability
and dead-on alignment each and every time. That’s why for 30
years now, our brilliant Grand Prix alignment dovetail systems have
been accepted- and copied- across the world.
HORIZON PRO™ A proven and popular choice for
Grand Prix system devotees who want a lighter yet still high
quality option, Horizon Pro features a polished anodized finish,
patent pending Pro Series Limb Bolts, custom wood grip and
more. High performance features at an affordable price.
HORIZON/EXCEL™ Horizon is the 25”, affordably priced
alignment-adjustable starter bow while Excel caters to shorter-draw and
younger shooters at 21” and 23” options.

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