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Block - Archery Target Classic 18

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Block - Target Classic 18

The original BLOCK® Target introduced open-layered design, which stopped arrows with friction, not force. This simple, yet revolutionary concept changed archery forever and is still available in the BLOCK® CLASSIC™ line of targets.

  • Classic 18 : Dimensions: 18"H x 18"W x 16"D.

The original open-layered archery target, The BLOCK® changed the way we all practice!

As an arrow slides between the open layers, the resulting friction causes heat which literally grabs the arrow. This heat quickly dissipates, releasing the arrow.

The first archery target to offer both easy arrow removal and long target life, regardless of arrow tip!

Allows you to shoot broadheads/expandables all year long

Open Layered Technology

Patented open-layered design stops arrows with friction, not force

The Block's patented friction layered design lets arrows enter between open, unglued layers of friction foam. The heat generated by high speed arrow penetration, along with friction, literally grabs the arrow shaft. In seconds, the heat dissipates and releases the arrow shaft making arrow removal as easy as it can get.



  • Field Tips
  • Broadheads
  • Expandables


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