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  • AAE Brass KSL Cordovan Tab*

AAE Brass KSL Cordovan Tab*

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AAE Brass KSL Cordovan Tab*

AAE Brass KSL Tab

The KSL GOLD Finger Tab originated with biomechic-ergonomics design from Coach Kisik Lee.  The cutting-edge design represents a breakthrough in ergomomics, comfort, and feedback.  Every swooping curve and 3D component has been designed to mimic the fit.  No more worrying about positioning the tab just right from shot to shot - the KSL GOLD Tab fits your hand precisely everytime.  The plate has been ergonomically designed to adjust fit your hand.  It is fully adjustable for a perfect fit.  The three dimensional, adjustable palm plate makes sure that your form is corrrect shot-after-shot.  The front shooting surface is grain oriented cordovan.  The custom made elastic adds extra comfort and better longevity.  You have the choice of brass (for weight) or anodized aluminum.  Every KSL GOLD Tab comes with a properly designed finger spacer and removable/adjustable ledge.


This tab feels alien like to begin with but after a couple of ends you start to get a feel for it. It teaches you to hold your wrist correctly, and it feels like the string is not in the tab at all.
It has stopped me from plucking the string on the bow. And this in-turn, just made a more enjoyable day of shooting.
The multi-finger holes make the distribution of weight in the hand a lot better, and also, it feels more comfortable than other tabs. Being brass, it weighs a considerable amount more than the standard AAE tab, and not having the multiple finger holes would be pretty damn uncofortable to have all that weight on one finger.
If you like your products to have a bit of weight behind them, then this tab will serve you well. Think of it like holding a good quality pen. It costs a little bit more, but the extra money is definately worth it. I recomend this tab to any semi-expierianced archer. You won't regret it.

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