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Highest World FITA Ranking

FITA Target : 2nd as at 14 June 09

FITA Field : 1st as at March 2011


The Highest Ever FITA Target Ranking by an Australian Men’s Compound Archer (2nd June 2009)

The Highest Ever FITA Field Ranking by an Australian Men’s Compound Archer  to date.

Commonwealth Games Team Member 2010 India

2010, 2011, & 2013 Australian Open Winner Team and Individual

2010 Team Gold World Cup 4

2009 Individual Bronze World Cup 3

2009 Mixed Team Silver World Cup 3

2008 Individual Gold Medal World Cup 4

2008 Individual Bronze Medal World Cup 1

2007 Silver Medalist in  Team Men’s Compound World Target 2007.

5th World Target 2007

9th World Indoor 2012

17th World Target 2009

06/7&9/10,2013 Indoor National Champion Bronze 2011

2005,2007,2008,2009,2012 National Target Champion

2008, 2009, 2012,2013 National Field Champion

2005, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2012, 2013 Australian Best All Round Compound Archer

2005 World Team Bronze Medalist

FITA STAR 90m Score 1406

FITA Star 70m Score 701, FITA 50m Score 706

FITA 900 - 897 (SA State Record)

FITA 18m - 598 (SA State Record)

FITA 18m - 595 (Australian Record)



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  • Pat  knows what is required to shoot well, his highest World FITA Target Ranking is 2nd and World FITA Field Ranking is 1st.
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2015HOYT - Formula Carbon Ace Limbs
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2015HOYT - Prodigy XT Riser
2015HOYT - Prodigy XT
2015HOYT - Prodigy Riser
2015HOYT - Prodigy Riser
2015HOYT - Prodigy Riser
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2015Hoyt - Podium X Elite 40
2015Hoyt - Podium X 40
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2015Hoyt - Podium X Elite 37
2015Hoyt - Podium X 37
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2015Hoyt - Nitrum 30
Nitrum 30
2015Hoyt - Nitrum 34
2015Hoyt - Nitrum 34
Nitrum 34
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2015Hoyt - Nitrum Turbo
Nitrum Turbo


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